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How To Get Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

We strongly believe in our company to succeed and can use almost anyone to help the following will show how to get the best chance for a job

  • Marketing

    we desperately need marketing a will take a look at everyone's applications the things we look for is efficiency, sales, reviews

    What do I mean by this?

    Well we want to see that you are trusted and people enjoy not just your service but your attitude towards people (reviews)

    We also need to see that your method works and brings in sales your pay will be based on commission and you get a percentage of your sales brought in from your link  

    We want to have fast and reliable methods and that's why we especially look for efficiency 

  • Programmer Jobs

    We also desperately need more programmers we need programmers with the knowledge of at least one of these basic programming languages

    C# Programmer

    C++ Programmer

    HTML & CSS programmer

    PHP Programmer

    Python Programmer

    Javascript Programmer

    Deisgn artist 

    We most definitely need a PHP programmer and what we look for is again efficiency, creativity, knowledge, experience, and most defiantly speed

    Like the marketing job this will be paid off of commission that we bring in. So to conclude this we will find your clients and you will complete the programming task and take 85% of the final order.

    We need people who can do everything fast and with quality

    We need people who has experience preferably something like web programming

    We need people to have creativity

    And we most defiantly need people with knowledge preferably someone who majored or majors in programming

Making a Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account For Freelancers

Making a profitable account is not only important to you but to us so we would like to be involved 

  • How should you start

    For you to start you should first begin by finding where and who would want your service also known as knowing your market 

    we would suggest by going on websites like craigslist to find people in need of service

    then once you find a client you should send them your QR code from your profile so they can continue to chat and buy with you on a safe platform

  • Why should you work for us

    You should work for us because we offer a wide variety of options for when you're starting up.

    you could follow the path of entrepreneurship and find your own clients and use us to make your job much safer and easier mostly payment wise

    We also pride our self in making our service as fair as possible for the buyer and the seller. we personally view your disputes and issues and just common sense and logistics to handle them fairly and speedy 

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Frequently asked questions

These are frequently asked questions or just questions we assuming you may be wondering

  • Why your country isn't listed

    Unfortunately, we don't support all countries do the limitations PayPal has on the other country

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  • Do you have to pay monthly for Camibusiness Freelance

    Unlike a lot of other sites, we do NOT charge monthly but we do have different plans that cost money

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